The global pandemic slowed down the travel, most of the borders still remain closed and restrictions are way too much strict in order to keep the pandemic under control.

Despite it all, it seems that people are willing to travel again, especially during the summer where escapes are more than needed.

And if we recall last summer it makes it clearer why people don’t want that this year looks as the one before.

 In the UAE people are getting more and more vaccinated and there are some countries that are accepting travellers either with vaccine certificate or with negative PCR test prior travel.

So far we have 15 countries that are open for travellers:

  1. Armenia
  2. Cyprus
  3. Egypt
  4. Georgia
  5. Greece
  6. Kenya
  7. Maldives
  8. Montenegro
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Serbia
  11. Seychelles
  12. Turkey
  13. Tajikistan
  14. Uzbekistan
  15. Tanzania

The rule of showing negative PCR upon landing to Dubai or Abu Dhabi remains in place.

In Abu Dhabi travellers are required to quarantine for 10 days or 5 days if the second dose of vaccine has been taken.

We are certain that there will be more and more countries following the same procedure as there will be more vaccinated people hence the restrictions could be loosen up.