Several Embassies in United Arab Emirates have resumed their visa operations. Kindly find in continuation of the article where you can lodge your visa application as of today:

Belgium - Opened for certain visa types : students, highly skilled workers, seafarers, participants in international meetings, non-Belgian family members and family reunion requests. Applicants are requested to write to the Embassy prior applying.

Denmark - Opened for long stay visa applications

France - Opened for business, medical, joining EU family member purpose and some long stay types such as students and other resident permits types

Greece - Opened only for certain category Joining EU Family Member

Latvia - Opened for long stay visa applications

Norway - Opened for long stay visa applications

Turkey - Accepting all visa types

UK - Accepting all visa types

Please do note to always re-check respective embassy website in order to get the most updated information about desired visa due to very often changes towards travel restrictions.