How to Avail Schengen Business Visa


Schengen visa became extremely popular due to its benefits of entering 26 countries that are currently in the Schengen agreement.

There are many types of visas that you may apply under Short Stay category which allows you entry of maximum 90 days within 180 days period.

In this article we decided to write more about Business Visa Type.

Who Can Apply?

All nationals of third countries that are having a genuine purpose to attend a business meeting, conference, an event, congress etc.

What is Required?

The main requirement of this visa type is to have an official invitation letter or registration reference (in case of an event).

Invitation letter should clearly state your name, position, passport number, and nationality, purpose of visit, dates of expected visit and who is going to bear the expenses. Must be on the letter head of the company or organization that is inviting you with a contact details of the responsible person along with signature and the company stamp.

Regarding other document requirements you may have to arrange everything for the regular visa application such as:

  • application form,
  • photo,
  • valid passport,
  • letter from your company,
  • medical insurance for Schengen area,
  • financial proof if your company is not covering the expenses
  • and travel bookings.

In addition to the basic documentation you will have to provide your company trade license from your country of residence and already mentioned invitation letter from the host.

How to Apply?

You need to always be confident about your intentions and determine in which country you will be spending more time as that will be the country in charge for your business visa application.

Once you have it decided as well as determined on how many entries you will be requiring then you are all set to gather all required documents and book an appointment for their submission to the relevant authority.

You may note that as per new rules and regulations you are eligible to plan your trip well in advance as now you can submit your visa application at most 6 months prior your travel date.

Processing time is still the same and it can take approximately 15 calendar days.

Our Tip: Always make sure the inviting person details are correct as he/she might be contacted by the authorities for more information.