The UK Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW UK) is a form of travel authorisation which allows citizens from eligible countries to enter the UK. It can be used instead of a visa, eliminating the need to go to a UK visa application centre.

Visitors can use a UK EVW to enter the UK for periods of up to six months for tourism, business, studying or medical treatment. It has been designed to simplify the process of obtaining authorisation to enter the UK.

Once an application has been submitted and approved, the applicant is sent a link  to download the EVW UK. A copy of the visa Waiver can be printed and shown to the UK boarder authorities upon arrival.

Who needs to apply for an Electronic Visa Waiver for the UK?

People who want to go to the United Kingdom need a visa to enter the country (unless they are from a visa-exempt country).

The UK Electronic Visa Waiver can be used instead of a visa. If you have a valid passport from the United Arab EmiratesKuwaitQatar or Oman, you can apply.

When can I use the EVW UK to enter the United Kingdom?

  • The UK is a fascinating, culturally-rich country with continues to draw visitors for many reasons.
  • The picturesque countryside, lively cities, and range of world-class museums and attractions, have to be seen in person.
  • The UK Electronic Visa Waiver allows visitors to enter for tourism, business, studying, or medical purposes for periods of up to six months. It eliminates the need to go to a UK visa application centre for eligible applicants
  • Complete and applications are normally processed within 24 hours. Once approved, a link is sent to the application which can be used to download a copy of the UK EVW.
  • All EVW’S must be submitted up to 48 hours before your arrival time at any UK Immigration point. 

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