You may find below some of the most common questions and answers for your reference:

  1. What is E-visa?

It is the online system provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in order to provide visitors an easily obtain visa in just few minutes.

  1. What kind of visa can be obtained online?

You may apply for tourism or business purpose only.

  1. How does the system works?

Once connecting to online system it will ask you to fill certain details about your identity, passport, travel dates and visa fees payment receipt.

  1. How long passport should be valid for?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your intended arrival in Turkey to be able to apply.

  1. How much is the visa fee?

Visa fee will vary based on the country of the applicant and more information can be found on (http://www.mfa.gov.tr/data/KONSOLOSLUK/vize-harc-miktarlari-en.pdf).

  1. How long is the online visa valid for?

Valid visa is usually valid for 90 days from arrival date unless stated differently.

  1. Is the online visa applicable for all nationalities?

Online visa for Turkey is only applicable for certain nationalities and/or certain rules such as holding valid Schengen, UK, USA and Ireland visa or residence permit of these countries. If you want to find out if you are eligible to apply for online visa you may either visit website of Turkey MOFA or simply contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

  1. How to apply?

Open the link https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ and start your application. If any assistance needed especially for group applications you may contact us for your convenience.